In a continuing display of growth and excellence, BOKS International, international alliance of which GLEZCO ASESORES Y CONSULTORES is a member, has climbed to 12th position in the International Accounting Bulletin global ranking of alliances and associations.

This achievement is especially notable given that the rankings exclude its law firm members and reflect only the contributions of its 77 accountancy members. Despite this, BOKS International has reported a total fee income of $455.3 million, a 23% increase from the previous year’s $369.9 million, based on the 2023 year-end figures.

In only seven years, BOKS International has transformed from a fledgling start-up into a significant global alliance. Including its law firm members, alliance membership extends to 105 firms in more than 72 countries. When taken together, its total fee income amounts to $598 million, up from last year’s $496.1 million. This expanded operation underscores BOKS International’s extensive reach and comprehensive approach to promoting professional excellence and connectivity across the globe.

Alliance Director Richard Sergeant comments, “This advance reflects BOKS International’s dynamism and our ambition for continuous excellence and innovation. This achievement is a milestone for the BOKS family, showcasing our potential for greatness and commitment to meeting our members’ evolving needs.”

Building on this achievement, BOKS International will continue to expand, inviting members worldwide to join its journey towards comprehensive global coverage, not just within the accounting sector but also incorporating our valued law firm members.