This month of April, Glezco Asesores y Consultores is celebrating because it marks 1 year as a member of the BOKS International alliance, which allows them to offer the best advice to their clients on an international level.

BOKS International was founded in 2016 by the accounting firm TC Group, which is among the top 40 in the United Kingdom, with the clear ambition of achieving a place among the top 20 global alliances within 2 years.

Their mission is to enable the world’s leading professional firms to share their business expertise and offer services in a seamless and business-like context. It also allows members to have global reach without compromising their freedom or distinctive character, which is what makes them so extraordinary and attractive to members and clients.


The strict quality criteria for membership include the use of quality controls and reviews to ensure the highest professional standards. No referral commissions are paid to the alliance or other members, and there is an appropriate level of territorial exclusivity for each member.

At Glezco, we share the purpose of creating opportunities to establish contacts through a more open and flexible agreement that encourages meaningful, long-term relationships.