Boks International, the international alliance of which Glezco Asesores y Consultores has been a part for more than a year, will hold its Annual Global Conference on October 19 and 20 in Barcelona.

David González Pescador, our Managing Director, will attend this global event and will presen everything related to GLEZCO and how we help our clients in international advisory services.

During the day, interaction between delegates will be maximized through the use of dynamic speed networks, round tables, also with interactive guest speakers and lastly member-led panels.

About BOKS International

BOKS International was founded in 2017, by UK top 40 accountancy firm TC Group, with a clearly stated ambition of reaching the top 20 global alliances in 2 years. Growing at an unprecedented rate, we are proud to have already achieved this significant milestone.

Our mission is to enable the world’s leading professional firms to share their business experience and offer outstanding services within a fluid and entrepreneurial context.  It is also to allow members ‘global reach’ without compromising their freedom or distinct character, and this is what makes us so unusual and so attractive to members and clients.

Strict quality criteria for membership include the use of remote due-diligence checks and peer reviews to guarantee the highest professional standards. No referral fees will be paid to the alliance or other members and there will be an appropriate level of territorial exclusivity for each member.

Glezco Asesores y Consultores share the purpose of creating opportunities to establish contacts through a more open and flexible agreement that fosters meaningful and long-term relationships.